cosomonaut sent: I think you and Lightning would be amazing together. You know she loves you.

W-What!? I mean, what gives you that impression…?

Anonyme sent: Ah.. You're just being modest, aren't you? I bet you really are good at gardening! You seem like the kind of person who would sing to the flowers. (in a good way of course)

You think so? *chuckles* I don’t know about singing, but… *trails off shyly*

Anonyme sent: Do you like Lightning?

S-She’s a strong woman, very admirable…

goldbez sent: [leaves roses all over his ask box]



*Lower his eyelids upon hearing Firion’s words* So be it. Then allow me in giving you the pleasure of hearing this but only once: My spirit has risen upon your short return, Firion.

… I guess I’ve gotten stronger. *smiles small, not breaking eye contact with him* You won’t trick me that easily, but thank you; may I continue down my path, for my dreams.. You and I share the same story. My spirit has risen, for I have high hopes for the future, too, Mateus. I’m glad to be back.

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Like I would tell the likes of you…

Oh? But surely you have poured your heart out onto me, have you not.

Yes, I have… but it’s my burden to bear. I’m sorry.

palamecia replied to your post: So tell me, will you continue to hide.
Have you not been for countless days, Firion or did you simply wander off in your own imagination.

Like I would tell the likes of you…